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High performance heat resistant glass

High performance heat resistant glass
Example of use by VARDE OVNE


Transparent ceramic glass

The KERALITE / PYROCERAM III transparent ceramic glass has been created to satisfy the market need for a high performance heat resistant glass.

Thanks to a strong resistance to a long lasting heat up to 700C (1300F) and to its extremely low expansion (+/- 0.3 10-6 K-1 at 700C), the KERALITE/ PYROCERAM can support any thermal shock such as the spilling of cold water on your fireplace door.

Its slight amber tint and very good transmission of visible light and infra red radiation are perfect to create a nice, warm and safe atmosphere in front of your fireplace or stove.

Melted and manufactured near Paris (France) at the Keraglass plant, this unique transparent glass ceramic is distributed world-wide through the EuroKera group and integrated by many of the most well-known stove and fireplace manufacturers.