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. If you are specialized in the cooking surface or heating equipment, to have the insurance of a reliable product, try our ceramic component.
Made in the respect of the environmental policy, the Eurokera's plates are fully recyclable and they reduce the needs in energy.
Due to the efficiency of our work, our ceramic component represents the first sales of the American market; this is the product of the confidence between our customers and us.
ceramic component
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Ceramic component . The success of Eurokera returns to his constant urge to perfection; on top of our technical abilities, we have added an aesthetic sensitiveness which enables us to answer at the current needs of our customers. However, to be in agreement with you, we let you the choice of sizes, shapes and colors of your ceramic component. In 1992 we've launched the Kerablack for classic cooktop, in 1999 the Kerawhite which is as elegant as the previous one with a resistant color.
And if you prefer more fantasy, you will surely like the Kerabiscuit and Keravanilla.
But Eurokera is not only cooking surface, but also heating equipment and so on. That is why our ceramic component is made to support any thermal shock.
For specificities such as gas applications, we also provide you ceramic component; for a cooking equipment for example, some people still prefer gas despite the advances in electric appliances. So we've launched an innovative product whom designs allows you to combine glass ceramic cooktops with a variety of gas burner solutions. Every new design is developed in close relation with our customers and required a particular attention.
We wait for you for any further information and hope that our ceramic component will give you an entire satisfaction.
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