Ceramic manufacturer Glass Ceramic Manufacturer - High temperature glass for cooktops and for fireplaces and stoves windows. Eurokera is supplying appliance manufacturers around the world with quality glass ceramic cooktops for a variety of applications.
Ceramic Glass Cooktop Panels

Discover the complete range of EuroKera glass ceramic panels designed for cooking appliances and all means of heating : radiant hobs, induction hobs, halogen hobs, even gas burning cook tops. These special ceramics cooking surfaces are designed and manufactured under a high quality system to meet the toughest technical and esthetic requirements of the appliance market.
Fireplace glass door...

and stove windows. EuroKera, the glass ceramic manufacturer, has developed a range of high performance heat resistant glass perfect for use as a stove or fireplace glass door. The ceramic glass panels can be worked in 3-dimensional, curved or bent shapes and finished with special enamels or metallic coatings perfectly adaptable to modern and classic interiors.
Special Features

For both ceramic glass cooktops and fireplace glass doors, EuroKera offers a range of special features to enhance their ceramicglass panels. Ceramic glass cooktops shaped for modern kitchen design even gas cooking on glass ceramic cooktops in a variety of colours and finishes. And for fireplace glass doors, features like curved or bent panels and special coatings.

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